Underbites, along with overbites, are one of the most common types of improperly aligned bites. If you have an underbite, the bad news is that it can have negative effects on the health of your teeth. The good news is that modern orthodontics has an almost 100 percent success rate when it comes to correcting an underbite without surgery.

What is an Underbite?

As the name implies, an underbite occurs when the bottom row of teeth is in front of the top row. When teeth are aligned this way, the bite becomes uneven due to the atypical overlap of the teeth. An underbite is often recognizable just by looking at a smile, as the bottom teeth appear to be sticking out. It also causes the bottom row of teeth to look improperly spaced and, in some extreme situations, can even affect the shape of the jaw.

What Causes Underbites?

Most underbites are caused genetically. It is extremely rare for early-life experiences or habits, such as oral fixations, to affect the layout of teeth. Underbites are almost always caused by the shape of the jaw. If the jaw is not big enough for the teeth, it can cause the teeth to be tightly packed. This pushes the teeth forward in some cases. In other cases, underbites are caused simply because the teeth come out of the gums at an atypical angle and are directed more forward as opposed to being straight up and down.

The vast majority of these cases can be resolved with traditional braces or Invisalign. Only the most extreme cases, such as when the jaw is severely misshapen, require surgery as a resolution.

Why Should I Get an Underbite Corrected?

Many patients choose to get their underbites corrected for aesthetic reasons because the underbite makes them self-conscious about their smile. However, it’s also important to correct a bad bite since it can pose health risks.

An underbite can cause all sorts of complications when it comes to the health of your teeth. Repeated pressure on your teeth caused by biting down creates wear over years. When the teeth are not aligned properly, as is the case with an underbite, this pressure is not correctly distributed – causing teeth to chip, crack or even break completely.

Why Should I Choose All Smiles Dental?

All Smiles Dental is on the leading edge of orthodontic technology. We use the newest practices available to ensure the best results for you. We can typically correct an underbite using Invisalign technology, which means you can avoid unsightly braces. While treatments vary case-by-case, results can normally be completed in as little as one year.

Our top concern is your satisfaction, your dental health and knowing that you can smile with confidence. Life is too short not to smile, so make an appointment or contact us for more details today!

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