A crossbite is a type of improperly aligned bite. Crossbites can have negative effects on the health of your teeth. While fixing a crossbite can be very involved in some cases, modern orthodontics has achieved a phenomenal success rate. However, early detection is still extremely important, as orthodontic issues are easier to address in children.

What is a Crossbite?

A crossbite occurs when one of the bottom teeth bites outside of the top row of teeth. This can happen in either the front or the back of the mouth. The location of the crossbite in the mouth will determine which specific form the crossbite takes.

What Causes Crossbites?

Most crossbites are a result of genetics. They can also be caused by oral habits, such as long-term thumb sucking or mouth breathing. Crossbites might be caused by baby teeth that take too long to fall out. In some cases, significantly large tonsils can push teeth into a crossbite.

Why Should I Get a Crossbite Corrected?

Many patients choose to get their crossbites corrected for aesthetic reasons because the bite makes them self-conscious about their smile. A crossbite can also lead to an asymmetrical, uneven look for the face. While crossbites can lead to social issues due to the appearance it gives a face and smile, the health benefits of crossbite correction are important to consider as well.

A crossbite can cause various complications when it comes to the health of your teeth, leading to trouble talking or chewing. When the teeth are not aligned properly, such as with a crossbite, teeth can wear down unevenly, lose enamel and even become loose over time. Many people who suffer from a crossbite report higher instances of teeth grinding.

How Can I Get a Crossbite Corrected?

There are options for how to fix a crossbite in NYC, but our preferred method is the use of Invisalign braces because they are not invasive and look exceptional. Most uses of Invisalign are so discreet that they aren’t even noticeable except under very close inspection.

In more extreme cases, we may have to use a palatal expander to make the top jaw wider. This will stretch out the teeth and bones, rearranging the top jaw so it’s wide enough to fit completely over the bottom jaw. In the most extreme of all cases, the crossbite may require surgery to correct it completely. Crossbites are generally treated with a combination of different methods, such as a palatal expander combined with braces.

Why Should I Choose All Smiles Dental?

All Smiles Dental is the leading NYC Invisalign dentist. We correct crossbites using Invisalign aligners so you can avoid unsightly wire braces. While treatments vary case-by-case, results can usually be completed in as little as one year. Our patients regularly tell us that they are very pleased with our process and thrilled with their results.

Our top concern is your satisfaction, your dental health and your ability to smile with confidence. Book an appointment today so you can start the process and get the All Smiles Dental experience!

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