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Pulling teeth is never the first option for a dentist or patient, but sometimes it is simply unavoidable. If you believe you have a tooth that needs to be removed, consult the tooth extraction experts at All Smiles Dental today.

Our tooth extraction procedure makes us the leading choice for tooth extraction in NYC. From your original consultation to your tooth extraction aftercare, you will feel confident that you are in good hands. For simple extractions, a local anesthetic and a gentle pull with dental forceps will be enough to get the job done.

The most complicated procedures may necessitate an oral surgery with full anesthesia. These difficult cases must be carried out by an oral surgeon, who is a dentist with specialized training to perform these surgeries.

After the surgery, we give all of our patients proper care and instructions to make sure the wound heals entirely and without complications.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Even with modern advances in dental technology, some teeth cannot be saved. A tooth has to come out if it is too infected to be recovered with a root canal surgery. Additionally, extra teeth, teeth blocking other teeth and impacted wisdom teeth that cannot erupt into the mouth all have to be removed. Sometimes, a tooth has to be pulled out because it is badly fractured or needs to be removed for orthodontic purposes.

What to Expect During a Tooth Extraction

Before the surgery, your dentist will brief you on the process. Next, he or she will administer a type of anesthesia. If the local anesthetic can be used, you’ll stay awake but feel nothing of the operation. In severe cases where a general anesthetic is required, you will be unconscious during the procedure. From there, the dentist will pull the tooth out with a tooth-gripping device called a forceps. Sometimes, the dentist will have to get gum and bone tissue out of the way to access the tooth.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Depending on your specific surgery, the aftercare will be different. Your dentist will supply you with any medicine and instructions you need to make your rehabilitation as smooth as possible. If you follow the instructions carefully, the road to recovery should be easy. Make sure to call your dentist if you experience anything unexpected. After some dental procedures, your dentist or oral surgeon will want to schedule a checkup just to be absolutely positive that everything is going as planned.

See a Dentist in NYC Today

If you need to have a tooth removed, time is of the essence. Allowing a tooth to stay in your mouth too long can cause problems with the spacing of teeth and the spreading of infections. Schedule an appointment with All Smiles Dental today, and we’ll discuss all of your options with you.

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