Are you thinking about getting dental dentures to strengthen and restore your mouth?

As people age, they are much more likely to require dentures. Even if you’ve worked hard to protect your teeth, genetics and other factors play into whether dentures may be needed. Ninety percent of Americans with total tooth loss use dentures; more than half of those older than 54 have them.

There is often a lot of uncertainty and confusion on the topic of dentures. With All Smiles Dental, you’ll have all the information you need to make informed choices relating to dental health.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are artificial replacement teeth that come in two main varieties, full and partial. Full dentures are what most people think of when they think about dentures – they replace all teeth on the top and bottom arches of the mouth and can usually be removed at any time.

Partial dentures, on the other hand, are placed on a metal framework that attaches to some of your original teeth. Crowns may be added to those teeth to strengthen them so they can support dentures more effectively. These dentures are similar to dental bridges, which replace two or more consecutive missing teeth. Unlike conventional bridges, however, they are removable.

Removable Dentures

The majority of both full and partial dentures are removable. Removing your dentures at night can help with their care and maintenance. Most dentures can be brushed like original teeth, but they can also be soaked to help keep them sanitary.

Non-Removable Dentures

Non-removable dentures are usually full dentures that are settled into the jaw using a dental implant. Some patients choose non-removable dentures because they can’t slip and don’t require dental adhesive. This makes them easier and more natural to use.

Implant Dentures

Implanted dentures are firmly anchored in the jawbone using a specialized screw or similar component, usually made of titanium. Titanium has unique properties that permit bone to grow and fuse closely around it. This allows your dentist to fabricate dentures precisely according to your needs, then place them permanently. Implanted dentures are usually full dentures.

Replacing Dentures

Replacement dentures may be necessary on occasion depending on the kind of dentures you have. In most cases, non-removable, implanted dentures are intended to last for life. However, removable dentures may need to be replaced on occasion. This can happen every few years due to ordinary wear and tear, as well as the changing shape of your jawbone.

Choosing the Right Dentures for You

For dentures in NYC, All Smiles Dental is the friendly dental office you can trust. We have helped people from New York City and all over the surrounding area get convenient, high-quality dentures that fit them perfectly.

The best way to find the right dentures for you is to sit down with an expert dentist and have all your questions answered. A quick examination can make it easier to narrow down your options. For the help you need, schedule a consultation with All Smiles Dental today.

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