Invisalign, often referred to as the “clear alternative” to traditional metal braces, is quickly becoming a favorite treatment of dentists and orthodontists. They look like simple, plastic trays, but they are a powerful tool that can be used to correct a wide range of cases.

Invisalign retainers are a popular choice for many reasons – one of the main reasons being their excellent flexibility. An ideal solution for many different types of patients, Invisalign is the perfect treatment for many common conditions.

Bite Problems

A patient with a bite problem has a severe misalignment of their teeth, with one or more teeth being more prominent than the others. Not only does this cause cosmetic problems, but it can also make it difficult to properly clean your teeth – resulting in decay, cavities or even gum disease. Realigning the teeth will help prevent these issues, and Invisalign can be used to correct the misaligned teeth.


A crossbite involves a tooth on one side of the mouth being too close to the cheek or tongue in comparison to its opposite tooth. Correcting a crossbite is important to prevent the wearing of enamel. Invisalign will be used on one or both sides of the mouth, aligning the teeth and correcting the problem.

Open Bite

In an open bite, the top and bottom teeth overlap improperly with front teeth being forced outwards. This issue is commonly caused by habits like thumb sucking or chewing on pencils, and is connected to serious jaw alignment issues that can lead to discomfort or wear. Invisalign will correct both sides of the mouth, providing an overall realignment.


An overbite involves prominent top teeth overlapping the bottom teeth incorrectly. Overbites can lead to gum disease and significant enamel wear, so correcting an overbite should be a priority. Invisalign will be used on the full set of top teeth, correcting the alignment issue.


An underbite is essentially the opposite of an overbite, with the bottom teeth being more prominent than the top. Many patients don’t know how to fix an underbite, but it can be easily corrected with Invisalign. The retainers will work to realign the lower teeth to eliminate the underbite altogether.


Malocclusion is a term that includes a variety of bite issues, including ones that can prevent the mouth from closing properly or affect the symmetry of facial features. Depending on the specific situation, a targeted Invisalign treatment plan will be developed to effectively treat the issue.

Overcrowded Mouth

In patients with an overcrowded mouth, the problems often begin early on with the incorrect eruption of adult teeth. This issue can invite tooth decay and gum disease, so correcting the alignment with a treatment plan such as Invisalign is important.

Gapped Teeth and Spacing Issues

In cases where incorrect spacing has occurred between teeth, the opportunity for dental health issues increases. Invisalign can close these gaps, correcting the overall spacing of the teeth.

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