Taking care of your dental health is very important, and not only so you can have a beautiful smile. A healthy mouth is a key part of a healthy body, and your teeth should be given the same attention as any other part of your body. At All Smiles Dental, our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you keep your smile in top shape.

Dental Check-Ups and Cleanings at All Smiles Dental

At All Smiles Dental, our foremost goal is the comfort and health of our patients. You can be confident that you are in good hands with us, a top NYC dental office. We combine compassion, experience, knowledge and excellent training to meet patient needs.

Why Dental Check-Ups are Important

Regular dental check-ups ensure that any new issues are diagnosed and treated right away, minimizing any negative effects on your overall dental health. Many dental problems, such as cavities, are time-sensitive, meaning that delaying treatment can have serious consequences. However, ensuring that you have regular dental exams at a trusted and experienced dentist in NYC will save you plenty of pain, time and even money.

In addition to a thorough exam, a dental checkup includes a teeth cleaning. Coming in for regular teeth cleanings, performed by a professional, is an excellent habit to have. Professional teeth cleanings are capable of removing far more plaque and tartar buildup than regular, at-home tooth brushing can. This deep cleaning will not only leave you feeling fresh, but it is also an important step towards preventing other health problems. Many recent studies have suggested that excess plaque buildup can contribute to diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and premature birth.

What to Expect During a Dental Check-Up

A full dental check-up involves two parts. First, you will meet your dental hygienist, who will typically begin the appointment by taking dental X-rays. These X-rays will help the dentist determine if there are any issues below the surface like cavities, gum disease or infection. Then, your hygienist will perform a full teeth cleaning, including removing plaque and tartar build-up, as well as polishing your teeth. This first half also involves periodontal probing and oral hygiene instructions, based on the hygienist’s evaluation of your dental health.

The second portion of a dental check-up is the examination, performed by the dentist. He or she will evaluate your dental health, make any necessary diagnosis and provide recommendations for treatment.

At All Smiles Dental, we utilize the latest innovations in exams and dental cleaning in NYC. These tools include an intra-oral camera, an ultrasonic scaler and a periodontal probe. Using these items enables us to provide you with a deeper cleaning and a more accurate diagnosis of any issues.

How Often You Should Get Your Teeth Cleaned

For optimum dental health, it is recommended that you have your teeth professionally cleaned and examined every six months. If you’re due for an appointment, contact our team at All Smiles Dental and we will be more than happy to help.

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